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X-UAV Talon 1718mm Airplane KIT, V3

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X-UAV Talon Kit

X-UAV's large Talon is one of FPV's longest-running popular airframes--and with good reason.  It combines gentle handling with high-speed and impressive internal volume.  Whether you're a commercial project looking for reliable small UAV platforms or a hobbyist dreaming of  larger long-range builds, the original Talon has proven up to task time and again.

If you are interested in multiple airframes, please contact us for a shipping quote: [email protected] or (626) 386-5432.

Talon Features
Molded EPO foam airframe
Laser cut plywood motor mount
Two-Piece, plug in wings with carbon wing spar
XL fuselage allows for a huge battery and other equipment.
V3 Version: No longer includes wing-mounted wheels--Does include nose wheel

Model: LY-S07-KIT
Wingspan: 1718mm (68 inches)
Length: 1100mm (43 inches)
Wing Area: approximately 0.45 sq meters (4.8 sq feet)
Flying Weight: 2500~3000g (5.5-6.6 lbs)
CG target: 75mm rearward of the root's leading edge (source: kit manual)

Recommended Electronics
By default, this "kit" version does not include electronics.  We have made Team Legit's specific recommended components available at the top of this page, for your convenience.  General requirements are as follows:

4+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver.  Either a stand-alone hardware V-tail mixer or Radio/FC-side V-tail mixing is required.

2x "9g" micro servos for the V-tail (example: Hitec HS-5065MG)
2x "17g" micro servos for the ailerons (example: Hitec D-85MG)

800-1300g (1.7-2.8 lbs) of battery weight is recommended.  This equates to roughly the following capacities:
   4S Lipo: 8,000-15,000 mAh
   6S Lipo: 5,500-10,000 mAh
   4S LiIon: 12,000-22,000 mAh
   6S LiIon: 8,000-15,000 mAh

Example 4S power system:
3520 1000kv brushless motor
80 Amp ESC
12" propeller

Example 6S power system:
3520 700kv brushless motor
60 Amp ESC
12" propeller

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