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Wing Laminating Film

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1.7 mil (25" width)
3 mil (18" width)
5 mil (18" width) (+$1.00)
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Laminating film by the yard!

This industrial laminate is great for covering EPP foam wings, as well as reinforcing EPO and EPS foam model aircraft.  It behaves differently from films such as Monokote, though it is applied by similar method with a small laminating/sealing iron.

Please select your desired thickness from the menu above.  3 mil makes a great skin for open-cell foam aircraft.  It's also a good thickness for cosmetic protection of closed-cell foam aircraft of any size.  5 mil is useful for larger aircraft less affected by the additional weight.  We typically include 3 mil with our smaller Legit Wing kits up to 40 inches wingspan, and 5 mil with our larger kits 50+ inches in span.  1.7 mil is very thin, and good for skinning micro sized aircraft in the sub-30" wingspan range.  We use 10 mil for reinforcing leading edges and other areas needing extra toughening up!

Laminate will eagerly adhere to itself.  It can be layered to create extreme strength in spots needing more durability.

Three yards is a comfortable amount of laminate to cover a typical 36" flying wing model.  Four yards will comfortably cover a 50" flying wing model.  More complex shapes may require more laminate to properly cover.

Finish: Glossy
Material: Co-polymer
Thickness: 1.7, 3, 5 or 10 mil (thousandths of an inch)

Sheet width (3 and 5 mil): 18 inches 
Sheet width (10 mil): 9 inches
Sheet width (1.7 mil): 25 inches

Increasing the purchase quantity will result in a longer section of laminate.  Very long pieces may be cut into multiple sections.

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