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Team-Legit Classic Aluminum Motor Mount, Short (30-40" Wings)

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Part Number:LW-acc-mm
This aluminum motor mount set is a stand-alone kit of the mounts included in our smaller classic Team-Legit aircraft, typically 30-40 inches in wingspan.  

The motor bracket will accept motor hole spacings of both 19x16mm and 25x25mm, and stator diameters of up to 35mm.  For motors over 120g in weight, we recommend the additional plate area of the Long Motor Mount.

The motor bracket can be moved fore and aft, as well as reversed, in order to fine-tune the aircraft's center-of-gravity.

Washers are included to adjust vertical thrust angle.  They can be placed between the bracket and plate to create a slight pitch adjustment, up or down.

Short Motor Mount Specifications
Bracket weight: 13g
Plate weight: 10g
Total weight with hardware: 35g
Includes Metric, hex-head hardware.

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