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Team Legit Advanced Carbon Control Rod Set, Small

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Team Legit's new Advanced Carbon Control Rods are stiffer, lighter, stronger and more direct than our previous sets.  A carefully crafted cocktail of components is mixed from Europe, the USA and Asia to take your wing to the next level of control precision.  We've selected this set to offer zero-slop and maximum rigidity.

Available in Small, Medium and Large diameters for various wing sizes and loads.

Various styles of aircraft will have different needs for size of control rod kit.  The "size" refers to the weight, rigidity and strength offered by the kit.  All kits include generous lengths of tube for typical control runs.  A 48" floaty park flyer might do best with the Small kit for low weight, while a 32" combat wing might want the Large kit for maximum durability.

A good general indicator of appropriate rod kit size, however, is the size and power of servos being used.  The chart below is a guide.

Features (Small kit)
Exemplary performance while being our lightest weight and lowest cost kit
Ball link control horns for smooth operation
Includes two sizes of control horn for varying height

Specifications (Small kit)
Maximum control run: 260mm (10.2”)
Minimum control run: 80mm (3.2”)

Weight of one assembled control rod & horn:
130mm run: 4.0g (0.14oz)
260mm run: 4.7g (0.17oz)

Carbon tube diameter: 3mm

Required for assembly of kit
Glue (two-part epoxy is recommended)
Rotary cutting tool or hand saw

Kit Contents
2x Carbon tubes
Instruction sheet
4x Tube couplers (Aluminum with steel threads)
2x Short clevises (plastic)
2x Long clevises (plastic)
2x Short control horns (11mm leverage)
2x Long control horns (17mm leverage)
2x Horn backing plates
4x M2-20mm screws
5x Pins (brass)

We also have a video tutorial for assembling our control rod kits:

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