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SunnySky X 18A Airplane ESC, 2-6S, 4A BEC, 32Bit

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SunnySky's 18 Amp airplane ESC packs a unique combination of features: tiny footprint, 6S input voltage, integrated switching BEC, 32-bit operation for small high-kv motors, and BLHeLi_S firmware pre-configured with airplane response characteristics.  An 18 amp capacity at 22.2 volts results in a power ceiling of  ~400 watts...enough to make small airplanes scream!  On top of that, this ESC incorporates a physical button to alternate between standard one-direction operation and 3D bi-direction operation.

This SunnySky X series 18A airplane ESC features 2-6S LiPo input, strong 4A BEC, one key to change propeller rotation, programmable BLHeli_S firmware, fast 32bit processor, light weight, smooth operation. 

We highly recommend to use this ESC with SunnySky small X series motors, such as X2204, X2206, X2302, X2305, X2306, and those R series competition F3P airplane motors including R2304 and R2305. All these motors have 2mm bullet connectors soldered in the factory, and can be plugged into the bullet connectors of the ESC directly. 

Main Features:
• New generation 32bit micro processor and official BLHeli_S firmware, quick throttle response and superb performance compared to widely used classic 8bit ESCs.
• Strong 5.6V 4A BEC to supply abundant power to new generation digital servos and electronics.
• One physical button to change the propeller rotation directions for 3D and 4D airplanes. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to change the rotation mode.
• Small size and light weight, best for 3D and 4D indoor competition foamy airplanes.
• Open source BLHeli_S firmware can be upgraded via the throttle signal line. Parameter settings can be easily changed with BLHeli Suite program.
• Damped light mode makes motor deceleration faster when the throttle changes from high to low. The stability and swiftness are also significantly improved.
• Support common PWM throttle mode, OneShot125?OneShot42, MultiShot, and DShot150/ 300/ 600 protocols.
• Suitable for high KV brushless motors commonly used in push airplanes which many classic ESCs do not work well.

9 Grams without wires, 19 grams with wires
18A continuous current
23A burst current, no more than 10 seconds
Input voltage: 2-6S LiPo
Dimensions without wires: 24x12x4.8mm

BlHeli manual and program can be downloaded in the following links:
BLHeli official files:
BLHeli Suite official download:

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