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Ritewing Twin Zcon Kit

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Advanced Carbon Control Rod Kit (Medium) by Team Legit (+$29.99)
4S Motors (1400 total watts): 2x Cobra 2814, 1700kv (+$75.98)
6S Motors (2000 total watts): 2x Cobra CP-2814, 1050kv (+$87.98)
ESCs: 2x Tempest 60A (+$75.98)
Propellers: 4x APC 7" Thin Electric (+$10.32)
Analog Servos: 2x Hitec HS-225MG Minis (+$55.98)
Digital Servos: 2x Hitec HS-5245MG Premium Minis (+$89.98)
Build Supplies
Laminating Film (5 yards of 5 mil) (+$24.95)
Amazing GOOP Adhesive (2x 2 fl oz) (+$12.98)
Twin Zcon 
A twin-power variant of Ritewing's awesome 56" FPV flying wing.

We love Twin-Motor aircraft for their complete elimination of torque-roll.  Using counter-rotating power systems, The aircraft will remain undisturbed by rapid application or removal of power.  This lends to a very sporty "on rails" flying experience and can assist in dicey situations such as obstacle flying and go-arounds.  Twins also benefit from power system redundancy in the event of a propeller, motor or ESC failure.  

10/27/23--This page is a work-in-progress.  More information to come.  

Wingspan: 56"
C.G. target is located 9-9.25" (232mm) rearward from the tip of the nose.
Balsa elevon cross-section: 2" x 1/2"
Maximum propeller diameter: 7"
Forward battery bay dimensions: 172 x 118 x 17-36mm

EPP Wing with spar slots
Equipment and battery bays
Servo bays and recesses already cut
Vertical Stabilizers and winglets
Bay Lids, top
Bay floor, bottom
Servo floors
Wooden Elevons
Motor Mounts
Fiberglass Spars

Required to complete
Control rod hardware
All electronics

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