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Ritewing Mini Drak Kit

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4S Motor (700 watts): Cobra 2814, 1700kv (+$37.99)
6S Motor (1000 watts): Cobra CP-2814, 1050kv (+$43.99)
ESC: Cobra 60A Wing (+$52.99)
Propellers: 2x APC 7x5E (+$5.16)
Analog Servos: 2x Hitec HS-225MG Minis (+$55.98)
Digital Servos: 2x Hitec HS-5245MG Premium Minis (+$89.98)
Advanced Carbon Control Rod Kit (Medium) by Team Legit (+$29.99)
Build Supplies
Laminating Film (4 yards of 3 mil) (+$15.96)
Amazing GOOP Adhesive (2x 2 fl oz) (+$12.98)
The Mini Drak is back!

A fresh production run in the spring of 2023 means that Mini Drak Kits are once again available!  The Mini Drak is the middle-child of the Drak aircraft family, designed by Chris Klick of Ritewing RC.

Checkout the Builds Gallery in the tab above (desktop) or below (mobile)!

Kit Specifications
Wingspan: 1016mm (40")
Center of gravity target: 5/8ths of an inch (16mm) ahead of the front main-spar cap.
Primary material: high-density molded EPP foam.

Motor mount compatibilities:
Designed for both bell-mounted and shaft-mounted prop adapters.  
19-30mm x 19-30mm mounting screw offsets.  16mm offset can be used with slight modification.
Stator diameters: 22-28mm

Battery recommendations:
4S 3000-4000mah LiPo
6S 2000-2700mah LiPo

Build Notes:
The Mini Drak's molded EPP skin is fairly resistant to spray paint adhesion.  Spray-can Plasti Dip is the most effective paint that we have used.  Plasti Dip is commonly available at home improvement stores and auto parts stores.  Some builders choose to laminate their Mini Draks.  While unnecessary due to the Mini Drak's smooth molded finish, laminate can help protect a paint job as well as add structural reinforcement. 

The color of the included coroplast my vary. Coroplast is easily painted with common spray-paint.

Kit Includes:
Molded EPP foam wing cores and fuselage
Coroplast/plastic fins and bay lids
Balsa stock for control surfaces
Thick carbon tube main spars with sleeves
Thin fiberglass surface spars
Aluminum motor plate
2x ABS printed motor mounting brackets
Miscellaneous hardware and trim

Required to complete build:
Push-rod control hardware (available above)
Laminate for elevons, if forgoing whole-aircraft lamination
All electronics

Unboxing Video:

Full build video!

Click here to download the Mini Drak elevon template.

Be sure to verify the template size against the wings' trailing edges before cutting balsa!

Our Friend Jeff Yang (7demo7) flying his Mini Drak at Flite Fest West 2017:

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