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Replacement Balsa for Mini Drak & Other Ritewings

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Part Number:RW-MD-Blasa
Customized replacement control surface balsa wood for Ritewing's Mini Drak airplane kit.  This stock is also the correct replacement for many of the other mid-sized kits from Ritewing.

The Mini Drak uses an uncommon dimension of balsa stock for it's control surfaces.  Our replacement stock is 1-3/4" long by 11/32" high, with a sharp 1/16" trailing edge.  The leading edge is pre-beveled at 22.5°.  Customers can leave the surfaces straight, or shape them using the Mini Drak's elevon template below.  This balsa's 1-3/4" length exactly matches the template.  Replacement balsa comes straight (unshaped).  Each stick is 18" in length.

2x 18" lengths of balsa wood

Click here to download the Mini Drak elevon template.

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