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Professional Services

What can Team Legit do for you?

Aircraft Design, Development and Manufacture
Since 2013, Team Legit has been building small fixed-wing aircraft for hobbyist and commercial customers alike.  We sell our own airframes, as well as carry a stock of airframes from other manufacturers both domestic and international.  Our own airframes come in various pre-existing designs, but we pride ourselves on customizing—or starting from scratch—to fit the needs of your mission.  We offer all airframes in whatever state of build you require, from raw kit to fully assembled with installed electronics.

The most common commercial services we provide center around procurement.  As a hobby retailer that helped popularize FPV in it's infancy, we have a long history of familiarity with equipment now used by hobbyists and industry alike.  Our various supplier relationships help ensure consistent availability of components.  We keep regular stock of inventory at our warehouse in Arcadia, CA.  We're also happy to track down rare and hard-to-find items.  Regardless of what you're looking for, we can help you acquire it.  

Our Retail Webstore
For simple commercial orders, you're welcome to use our regular retail website.  If a product is labeled as "In Stock", that means it's physically in our warehouse and ready for immediate shipment.  However you're welcome to contact us regarding orders large or small.  We're happy to write formal quotes, invoices or whatever else your organization may require.  If you have questions regarding availability, lead time, product function, substitutions, manufacturer information etc., just let us know.

If your needs are described above—fantastic.  If not—that doesn't mean we can't be part of your solution.  We invite you to reach out regarding anything on your mind:

Phone: (626) 386-5432