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Nose Pods for Team Legit's 5D2 Wing

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Single FPV Cam + GoPro Hero 9/10/11
Single FPV Cam Only
Twin FPV Cams
DIY Foam Nose w/ Printed Base (-$5.00)
Additional swappable camera nose pods for your 5D2 wing kit.  Keep your aircraft.  Change your payload!

Printed noses are made of durable, yet flexible TPU.  This material absorbs impacts and is nearly indestructible.  It is also paintable to match whatever wing scheme you desire...details below.

All FPV noses include socket carriages for mounting board-style FPV cameras.  The carriages fit a wide range of camera shapes and feature depth adjustment.  Cap plugs are also included for when cameras are not in use.

A Variety of Nose Styles

Single FPV Camera + GoPro
This nose carries one board-style FPV camera and one action camera.  The action camera mount is fitted to the GoPro HERO9, HERO10 and HERO11 cameras.  Older GoPro HERO cameras, which are smaller, will also fit if the user shims them.  It also fits one board-style FPV camera.


Single FPV Camera & Twin FPV Cameras
These noses do not carry a large-footprint action camera.  The Single FPV nose carries one board-style FPV camera centrally.  This is nose, with the camera cover installed, is also what we recommended for non-FPV line-of-sight flying.  

The Twin FPV nose carries a pair of board-style FPV cameras.  A popular use case for Twin FPV is carrying one camera optimized for day-light flying and another camera optimized for low-light night flying.  

Both the Single FPV and Twin FPV noses feature convenient slots for holding common steel weights as ballast if needed.  The rear faces of the noses have guide channels for wiring. 



DIY Foam Nose
The Do-It-Yourself Foam Nose gives the option for builders to affix a camera (or not!) in the traditional way they would for an EPP flying wing.  Virtually any format camera can be mounted by deft use of knife and glue.  The included printed base allows the foam nose to be bolted to the airframe's bulkhead, in the same manner as the other noses.  Wire guide channels are provided on the backside of the base.


Paint!  These noses are printed of white TPU filament.

If desiring to paint your TPU nose, we recommend Tamiya's PS line of paint for polycarbonate.  This stuff works great on TPU plastic!  Tamiya PS can be found at most local hobby shops, as the paint's intended application is in painting the flexible Lexan bodies of R/C cars.  The paints are inexpensive and come in miniature spray cans.  

1x Nose, in the style of your choice
A camera carriage for each FPV camera mount
A camera cover for each FPV camera mount
A hook-and-loop strap for each GoPro Hero mount
10x mounting screws

Reference Nose Design
Flexibility and variability of payload is a key goal behind the 5D2.  Part of that flexibility is empowering end-users to design their own payload-carrying nose pods.  To that end, we are providing CAD dimensions of the 5D2's basic nose.  Start here to carry whatever nose-mounted payload your heart desires!

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