Mini Trifecta Tricopter

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With versatility being the name of the game and foldable for easy of transportation, the Quanum Trifecta is the most fun you can have with something that fits in your pocket.
Being a long time in the works and having gone through many revisions, the Trifecta started life as a portable line of sight acro tricopter. Through development and FC options becoming smaller and more powerful, a frame emerged that was not just good at different roles, but excellent at any type of application it was tasked.
The Trifecta is highly portable, folding down to just 150x80mm and yet opened up is nearly 300mm for an extremely stable and maneuverable platform. The frame has provisions for almost all conceivable gear starting with a huge FC bay fitting the CC3D, Naze32, KK Mini or even the HKPilot Mini. There are mounting points for an FPV transmitter, telemetry radio, GPS, RX, ESC's, power modules, and best of all is the included vibration isolated front mounts for both the Mobius and GoPro line of cameras.
The Trifecta is highly agile and capable of maneuvers that weren't possible with frames that came before it. Along with that, the frame can be loaded with FPV gear, GPS and telemetry for a FPV or UAV roles such as follow me applications and autonomous flights where size and portability is key.

The frame is made from glass filled molded nylon for a strong and lightweight base, the tilt drive is all metal gear driven for a fast crisp yaw response using a 9g servo. The motor mounting supports 14~19mm cross style mounting and 5~8inch props can be used.
The Trifecta will become your go-to multirotor with its portability, versatility and its ability to leave you smiling.

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