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Lumenier QAV-CINE Quadcopter Frame 3"

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The Lumenier QAV-CINE Quadcopter Frame is a ducted cinematic airframe designed for 3" propellers. The props are fully guarded with ducts and foam bumpers giving you confidence to fly in tight spaces or situations where you may bump into objects.

The Lumenier QAV-CINE Quadcopter is a high-quality ducted cinematic airframe designed for 3" propellers. With integrated prop ducts and foam bumpers, you will have confidence to fly in close proximity to objects that you normally would not.

The QAV-CINE is the ultimate 3" ducted FPV quadcopter for many reasons such as flight performance, durability, versatility, and great looks to name a few! No matter your desired setup, the QAV-CINE airframe can support them all, like analog, DJI digital HD, Vista HD, FPV, 20x20 or 30.5x30.5 stacks.

Digital HD Ready

Digital HD Ready

The Lumenier QAV-CINE is a perfect match for the new HD FPV systems as well, such as the DJI Digital HD System or the Caddx Vista Digital HD system. There is plenty of room to mount each digital system. With no props in view with the QAV-CINE you can make a killer digital HD flying rig!

Versatility: Build it how you want!


The QAV-CINE supports just about any type of stack, digital HD, analog or system you can think of! This means you have more flexibility in the parts you choose to use as the QAV-CINE doesn't lock you in to just 1 type of system. You can build with a 20x20 stack, or larger 30.5x30.5 stack. It will support digital HD systems, or more traditional analog FPV system. Need a super robust, prop guarded system?... use the integrated ducts. Want a high performance rocket without the need for prop guards?... simply remove the ducts and save over 100g of weight! The airframe is still very rigid even without the ducts.

High Quality Ducts = Better Performance

Resin printed ducts

Many similar airframes you'll find the market are 3D printed on traditional SLA printers which can leave ugly and rough bumps between each layer of the print. Not only does it not look as nice, this rough finish creates unwanted turbulence from the air your props are pushing. Dirty air means a loss of efficiency. 

This is where the QAV-CINE is different than most by using high quality resin material to make the ducts. The result is an ultra smooth, molded-like finish. It looks great and works even better! Oh, and yes they are very durable! With the added foam bumper you'll have no fear bumping off walls and objects without skipping a beat.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
  • Ultra-smooth resin printed propeller ducts for improved performance
  • Pre-installed foam bumpers for incredible durability
  • Supports full size DJI HD air unit, or Caddx VISTA HD digital system, or traditional analog FPV
  • Optional cut-outs for easy access to DJI Air Unit ports
  • Molded rubber camera brackets for micro FPV camera
  • Traditional QAV-R mounting pattern, fits all current 3D camera prints for GoPro cameras etc.
  • Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks
  • 20x mounting in both front and back (M2 holes in front for VISTA system)
  • Silicone non-slip battery pad
  • Indestructible Kevlar battery strap


  • QAV-CINE Airframe
    • Carbon Fiber: 55g
    • Ducts (2 sets): 105g
    • Hardware (screws, strap, pad): 25g


  • 1 x Lumenier QAV-CINE Quadcopter Frame Kit 3"
    • 1x 2.5mm carbon fiber uni-body main frame plate
    • 1x 2.5mm carbon fiber top plate
  • 1 x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers, cable ties
    • 16x M3x6 steel button head screws
    • 12x M3x10 steel button head screws
    • 4x M3x20 steel button head screws
    • 16x M2x6 steel button head screws
    • 4x M2x20 steel button head screws
    • 4x M2 steel hex nuts
    • 8x M3x28mm knurled aluminum spacers
  • 1 x No-slip silicone battery pad
  • 1 x Indestructible Kevlar Battery Strap
  • 4 x Neoprene landing pads
  • 4 x Silicone vibration-damping o-rings
  • 2x molded camera brackets for micro sized FPV camera

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