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Hitec 15T, 4mm ID HD Resin Servo Arms (4pc)

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A set of 15-Tooth, 4mm-diameter-shaft heavy duty resin servo arms made by Hitec.

Team Legit loves stiff servo arms!  A more rigid arm will better translate control inputs to control surfaces with less play.  They're also more resilient to hanger-rash, mid-air collisions, etc.  Servo arm fitment can be confusing!  If you have questions about your setup, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Lever arm length of holes:

Total length of horn body: 25mm

Hitec includes these horns with the HS-7115 servo.  This is an upgrade horn for the majority of "feather" size servos made by Hitec.  Check your servo's output shaft spline count and diameter for compatibility.

Product identifiers:
HS-7115 Resin Horn Set

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