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Cobra 30A FPV Wing ESC with 3A Switching BEC

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These high-RPM Wing ESCs require a USB programmer to adjust settings, such as the Cobra USB Link.  The Brake setting is enabled from the factory.

Cobra Speed Controllers are designed with a relentless pursuit of exceptional product quality. These speed controllers are the perfect compliment to a Cobra Brushless motor, and they will also work with virtually any other brushless motor on the market as well. Cobra Speed Controllers are built from the best components available to provide the user with long life and trouble-free operation.

The new Cobra FPV Wing Series ESC's are designed for the new FPV Racing Wings that utilize high-RPM motors. These ESC's feature the latest BL-Heli firmware that stays in sync with motors running up over 40,000 RPM.

The 30 Amp Wing model ESC includes a built-in 5.5 volt switching BEC rated for 3 amps of current to handle the power needs of the larger digital servos.

The input leads on the speed controller are pre-tinned, and ready to solder on the battery connector of your choice. The output leads have a set of 3.5mm female bullet connectors already soldered on.

Cobra 30 Amp Wing ESC Specifications
 Weight (With Ouput Connectors) 31.6 grams (1.11 oz)
 Max Continuous Current 30 Amps
 Burst Current rating (15s) 38 Amps
 Operating Voltage Range 6 to 16 Volts
 Number of Li-Po cells 2 to 4 cells
 Number of Ni-XX cells 6 to 12 cells
 Number of Li-Fe cells 2 to 4 cells
 Switching BEC Output 3 amps @ 5.5 Volts
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in mm) 50 x 24 x 10
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in inches) 1.97 x 0.94 x 0.39

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