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APC 6mm Prop Spacer for 0.8" OD Hubs

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This propeller spacer from APC will add ~6mm (1/4 inch) of clearance from your prop adapter's face.  This can be useful in a variety of situations—chiefly to achieve secure mounting and improved propeller efficiency.

Team Legit has worked with APC to develop this small accessory to meet an important need.  Many of the high-performance aircraft we enjoy are "pushers" that combine large motors with propellers smaller than what the motor manufactures considered.  This can lead to problematic propeller fitment.

Above, this propeller requires a spacer in conjunction with this motor's prop adapter.  In "pusher" configuration, the raised blade edges of the prop are contacting the adapter's face, preventing good surface mating.  Slip will result.

Simple nylon washers from the hardware store can sometimes help, but they have poor grip and typically very poor centering.  Prop slip and vibration are the results.  3D-printed rings can seem like another solution, but in practice the nature of additive manufacturing leads to poor material distribution and even greater vibration.

This APC prop spacer solves both problems.  APC's fiber-infused rough nylon material and knurled spacer face keep the motor and prop gripped in sync.  The spacer itself is of molded construction, and uses the same centering rings as APC's Thin Electric (E) series propeller hubs.  This means the spacer will contribute virtually zero vibration to your power system.

Above, a spacer is being used to gain separation between the propeller and a flying wing's trailing edge.  On the pictured airframe, a spacer allows a shorter-canned motor to have the same propeller clearance as a longer-canned motor.  In "pusher" configuration, an increase in this clearance grants greater propeller efficiency.

Includes a standard set of (E) shaft adapter rings: 1/8" (3.175mm), 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 5/16" (7.9375mm).  The spacer can be drilled out to accommodate 8mm shafts.

Recommended for use with APC Thin Electric (E) Propellers of 8" diameters and greater.  Not recommended for use with APC (E) props 7" and smaller in "pusher" configuration, as these props use a smaller diameter hub and the blade edges will not clear.

Knurled Spacer for Thin Electric Propellers with 0.800" OD Hub

OD = 0.800" (20mm)
ID = 5/16" (8mm)
Thick = 0.25" (6mm)

Hub Diameter: 0.80 in.  
Hub Thickness: 0.25 in.  
Shaft Diameter: 8 mm  
Product Weight: 0.10 oz.  
Color: GREY

Product Code: LPSP-800 

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