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Pivoting, Adjustable Control Horns, 10-22mm (Pair)

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This pair of control horns is simple, rugged and finely adjustable to a range of aircraft styles.  The pivoting nature of the top eyelet allows for smooth motion even when the control rod is off-axis from the control surface, as in many flying wing designs.  

One of Team Legit's favorite control horn styles...and we've tried 'em all!

Leverage range: 10-22mm up from the control surface.

Max control surface thickness: 13mm 

Clevis eyelet diameter: ~1.5mm

Excess screw length can be removed via heavy wire cutters, metal sheers or a rotary cutting tool (Dremel).

2x Stalks
2x Pivots
2x Back plates 
6x 2x20mm hex machine screws (1.5mm hex driver)

Clevises not included.

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