Spedix 4-in-1 30A DShot 600 BLHeli_S ESC

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Spedix 4 in 1 DShot 600 BlHeliS 30A Esc - Brand New from Spedix.

The mainstream ESCs used in FPV racing quads are equipped with MOS-FET of 3.3x3.3mm.
MOSFETs of these dimensions are typically lower in efficiency and reliability.  With the same overall dimensions, our carefully designed IS series of high performance ESCs are furnished of 6 standard sized MOS-FETs in a larger size of 5x6mm,  to meet the increasing demands in electric current of new motors used in FPV racing.
The standard sized MOSFETs are manufactured of more matured technologies,  larger heat dissipating areas, and lower resistance.
Spedix ESCs made of these parts are improved in heat dissipation and therefore are more reliable than ESCs with  smaller MOSFETs.

Furthermore, other factors such as better design, fast EFM8BB21 MCU, independent half bridge drive chip, and 3 Oz copper PCB with high TG,  all make IS ECSs one of the best in the market. 1. Distances between mountain holes are 30.5mm. 
The dimensions of the board (except the soldering pads) are 36x36mm, the same as the standard flight controller. 2. The extended soldering pads can be soldered without the necessary of dissemble of flight controller board. 3. Highly efficient 5V/1.2A BEC output. 4. Integrated with a more reliable 7 pin Molex connector of 1.25mm pin distance. The connections of 5V BEC for flight controller,  4 ESC signals, and VBAT (battery voltage monitor) all can be established with flight controller through this 7 pin plug.

The pins are defined as: GND, +5V,PWM1,PWM2,PWM3,PWM4, and VBAT. Additionally there are three set of soldering pads. One of them can be used for 5V output,  and the other two can be used for video transmitter and electrolytic capacitor. Please note that the voltage of the latter

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