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RunCam Control Adapter

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Use Runcam's Control Adapter to manipulate many joystick-controlled cameras directly via a flight controller and Betaflight.

Item includes 1x Control Adapter!

RunCam Control Adapter
RunCam Control Adapter


Power: DC 4-5.5V

Net Weight: 0.5 g

Dimensions: 14 x 10 mm

RunCam Control Adapter

Control Your FPV Cameras Remotely!

1. Flight controller wiring

Note: Take UART3 for example
RunCam Control Adapter

2. Betaflight 3.3 or above setting

RunCam Control Adapter

3. Remote control

Note: Take Mode-2 for example
RunCam Control Adapter

Compatible Flight Controllers

BetaFlight 3.3 or above / ButterFlight 3.4 or above / Cleanflight 2.2  or above


Part of camera list confirmed compatible
RunCam Swift 2YesRunCam Micro EagleYes
RunCam Micro Swift 2YesRunCam Eagle 2 ProYes
RunCam Swift 2 Rotor RiotYesRunCam Night Eagle 2Yes
RunCam Micro SwiftYesRunCam Eagle 2Yes
RunCam Swift Mini 2YesRunCam EagleNo
RunCam Swift MiniYesRunCam Owl 2Yes
RunCam SparrowYesRunCam OwlNo
RunCam Micro SparrowYesRunCam NanoNo


  • 2 X Control Adapter
  • 2 X 2P Menu Cable 30mm
  • 8 X Cable 80mm
  • 2 X Heat shrink tube
  • 2 X Double-sided adhesive
RunCam Control Adapter

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