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Ritewing SuperSpec Wing

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Ritewing's SuperSpec design incorporates handling improvements into the original FPV Wing Racing Association Spec Wing design.  SuperSpecs have increased tail area and lightening holes, as well as a few other tweaks.  SuperSpecs are not strictly legal for FPVWRA "spec class" racing.  They are valid for the "sport" racing class.  Regardless of if your racing or just ripping for fun, these SuperSpecs are a blast!

From Mr. Ritewing himself, Chris Klick:

Basically the original spec and the crossover 40 airframe with the larger battery Bay but the upgraded larger verticals and the rear notch along the trailing edge notched out with the CNC. These verticals are the same size on the hardcore 44 and the hardcore 38. This will allow you to have more stability at the higher speeds in the higher wattage setups.. the V2 spec has no Center fences so it will meet spec , it has lightning holes along the trailing Edge, the motor has been moved forward about a half an inch and so has the electronics Bay and the battery Bay. This is helping for the lighter setups needed in the spec class.

Wingspan: 36"
C.G. target is located 6 3/4" (171mm) rearward from the tip of the nose.

EPP Wing with spar slots
Equipment and battery bays
Servo bays and recesses already cut
Vertical Stabilizers, wing fences and skids
Bay Lids, Top
Bay floor, Bottom
Servo floors
Balsa stock for Elevons
Motor Mount
Fiberglass Spars

Required to complete
Control hardware
All electronics

Recommended Accessories
3S or 4S battery

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