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Ritewing Recon 47" Cruiser Wing Kit

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Notes from the Team-Legit tech department:
Kits no longer include 3D printed winglets due to most pilots preferring vertical wingtip fins.  Kits now include coroplast wingtip fins.  .stl files for the Recon's original 3D printed winglets can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3421660

Ritewing's new long-range, high efficiency wings, SCOUT and RECON!

From Mr. Ritewing; Chris Klick...  "Hey guys here is my answer to the butter smooth crazy efficient long range wing line up. These are blended foil master pieces...On the Scout which is the smaller version, the foam without the winglets sits at 36 inch wingspan. On the larger Recon, the foam before the winglets is at 45. You could use standard winglets or the new molded winglets. We still have a couple of new molded winglets in the works that will be releasing with these aircraft. The molded winglets right now on the 45 Recon take it up to about 54 inches. On the smaller Scout it takes the 36 up to about 45 in. 

"You can also see we have a little bit of a skid on the bottom below the winglet that has helped from them from getting damaged. In the picture you can see how large the battery base are and all the equipment Bays for all your different gear. In this picture you can see we have 12700 of 4 S. Depending on what cameras you put on the nose and what motors you go with you could easily go up to 17,000 milliamps of 4S. Basically 4S 4p 17000. The single cells are 4250. Or you can see in the other pictures at there is 10400 milliamps of 4S multi-star in there...You can see on the tri blade propeller we have made custom acetyl prop stops. The pictures here are just a mock-up to show you what I have. You can see where the motor mount plate would need to be snapped off the back. This is The New Abs motor mount and the motor in the plane is a CP 2814 1150 KV. 

"The goal is to have super durable long-range efficient aircraft that will fly longer fly farther and be more efficient than anything in its class. There is tons of room for your gear major capabilities and everything is wide open. We are trying to get away from fragile launch breaking and landings that stop your whole day of fun. We want something that is tough and keeps on coming back for more. Center fins are very low profile to keep the efficiency to the maximum. Winglets are very slick to keep all of the yaw minimalized. As far as the build goes it's pretty straightforward, builds exactly like a Hardcore series aircraft. The camera nose capabilities will be able to hold multiple different types of cameras..

Kit Includes:
EPP foam wing cores and beds
Coroplast/plastic fins and bays
Balsa stock for control surfaces
Fiberglass spars
Aluminum/ABS motor mount

Required to complete build:
Lamination film (available here)
Control hardware (available here)
All electronics

Recommended building supplies:
Amazing Goop glue (available here)
3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive
Spray paint of your choice (Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer is our favorite!)
Sealing/Laminating Iron (available here)
A sharp snap-blade!

Build Notes:
Target center of gravity is 232mm (9 1/8th inches) rearwards from the tip of the nose.

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