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RaceLiteWire Mini, RGB LEDs

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RGB RaceLiteWire integrates 5050 RGB LEDs into your standard Racewire. Sold separately before, the LEDs and Racewire are now seamlessly combined onto one PCB, saving weight and reducing size. You also have access to tons of colors on one board, no more picking one color LED like before.

Racewire is the perfect upgrade for your racing or freestyle rig. It simply replaces a section of your motor wires under the tips of the propeller which makes your quad immune to prop strike damage. If a prop is bent in a crash, the tip will deflect off of the Race Wire board. From testing, the prop will only scuff the surface. 

The LED brightness adjusts based on the speed of your motors, the more you push it, the brighter the LED.

There are pads to allow you to wire up additional Racelites to the bottom of your Arms. Use the pads labeled "1,2,3" and wire them to the same pads on the second Racelite. You must insulate the bottom of the boards.

Dimensions:8 x 25 mm
Voltage: 4-6s

1x RaceLiteWire Mini

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