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Estes A8-5 Rocket Engine (3)

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This is a pack of three Estes A8-5 Rocket Engines. The Estes A8-5 engine is an upper stage engine designed for model rocket flight. This engine can also be used as a single stage engine in rockets weighing less than five ounces, including the engine. Each package includes three engines, three igniters and four igniter plugs. 

Engine Type: A8-5 
Total Impulse (N-sec): 2.50 
Time Delay (Sec): 5 
Maximum Lift Wt. (Oz/g): 2.0/57 
Maximum Thrust (Newtons/Lbs): 13.3/3.0 
Thrust Duration (Sec): 0.5 
Initial Weight (Oz/g): 0.62/17.6 
Propellant Weight (Oz/g): 0.11/3.12 

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