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iSDT FD-100 Discharger

iSDT FD-100 Discharger

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Part Number:ISD-FD-100

One key smart discharging, born for RC users

Support 2-8s 6-35v discharging with maximum 80Wdischarging capacity

Smart fix current control chip

Discharging current varies from 0.5-6A,
automaticly cut off after finishing discharging,better protection for your battery.

Simple but not simple

Default cut-off voltage and working temperature could be adjusted through sc-linker by PC or by ISDT smart charger

XT60 Port

Use one of the most commonly used connector – XT60 as discharging port, no need to make adapter for most of RC users.

Industrial level high speed ball bearing fan with temperature control

Discharge process will produce a lot of heat, our fan will be the most reliable friend to get the heat out.

Efficient heat dissipation

Pure aluminum passive cooling module, aluminum alloy shell + high speed ball bearing fan,
Pure aluminum passive cooling module and heat source fit closely, greatly improving the thermal efficiency,
Aluminum alloy shell is fine, safe, durable, but also enhance the overall cooling efficiency

Dimension57mm x 120mm x 43mm
Max Discharger80W
Minimum input voltage6V
Maximum input voltage35V
Battery cells2-8S
Auto cut off protectionSupport
Abnormal voltage alarmSupport
Wrong cell setting alarmSupport
Beeper sound80dB

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