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Yellow Genuine XT30 Connectors - Female

Yellow Genuine XT30 Connectors - Female

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XT60’s have become an industry standard for high quality, inexpensive power connectors.  Now, we have XT30 connectors!  These are a great alternative to very annoying and fiddly JST connectors in small aircraft.  They’re also a good alternative to barrel connectors for small batteries powering headsets or ground stations.  They are physically much smaller than XT60’s and can fit into much tighter spaces without feeling bulky.

Made from the same high quality nylon as the original XT60’s, these connectors can withstand up to 30A continuous without overheating, deforming or breaking apart. XT30 Connectors are manufactured from high-temperature nylon and are fitted with gold plated bullet connectors, The bullet connectors are fitted during the injection mould process to ensure a tight fit.

This item is a single connector.  Increase the quantity to order more than one connector at a time.

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