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X200 Touchscreen DC Battery Charger, 10A 200W for 6S (Open Box)

X200 Touchscreen DC Battery Charger, 10A 200W for 6S (Open Box)

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This Open-Box unit is missing it's plug break-out box.  The custom break out box is required to use the charger, though a crafty user could fashion their own.  Main charger is in "new" condition.

The X200 Touch Screen Battery Charger is a revolutionary new charger design offering the ultimate in ease of use and modern styling. With its huge 4.3 TFT color display and touch screen functionality, you will feel right at home navigating through the menus just as you do on your favorite smartphone or tablet.

This is a true Smart Charger with many intuitive features. It can log your battery s charge and discharge curves while displaying the information real-time on the graphic display. The software allows you to save charge profiles for commonly used batteries making charging quick and easy. This charger features many fail-safe functions making it virtually impossible to make a mistake while charging.

The X200 uses a new all-in-one charge board that incorporates the most commonly used plugs and balance ports all in one tidy unit. You will never need to go searching for the right charge leads again because they are all right here!

Due to this charger s high watts-to-amps ratio, it is best suited to quickly charging high cell count batteries, namely 4S-6S.

This Charger is DC only, which means that you will need a separate power supply to charge using 120V or 240V household wall power. It makes a fantastic field charger using your car's battery, dedicated lead-acid battery or a larger 3-4S LiPo flight battery as a source.

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