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VAS Chimera Race Flying Wing Kit

VAS Chimera Race Flying Wing Kit

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The Chimera Race Edition created by Alex (IBCrazy). is an FPV wing with a different sense of flight than you'd expect.

Designed to be faster and more and nimble than planes of similar size it's not just a plane that loves to fly fast.

The Chimera Race is an endurance plane with long flight times and heavier payloads that can be built to hit speeds in excess of 100mph.

Specifications: Top (recommended) speed - 135mph

Battery: 2X 3S or 4s capable 4200 to 5200 Lipo

Range: 35-45 miles round trip

Flight time: 45 minutes

AUW: 2.1Kg (just over 4 lbs) with video gear

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