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VAS 1.3GHz Vee Antenna

VAS 1.3GHz Vee Antenna

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This is perhaps the best general purpose antenna. Suitable for medium range and altitude, this antenna has lower isotropic gain (2.15-1.5) however has a very uniform radiation pattern. It allows for best signal when doing stunts such as loops and rolls without loss of signal. Polarization is also less of a problem.


Mount this with the open side of the Vee facing the nose of the airplane when flying distance as this will give a stronger signal for the return trip. Mount it with the Vee facing sideways for stunt flying As this will help keep the antenna in polarization better.

Built by IBCrazy himself (aka Alex), they may not be pretty but they're the best antennas you can get for your transmitter!  Heavy gauge wire for the elements and good quality cable.

Tuned for 1280MHz

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