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VAS 1.3 GHz Cloverleaf Antenna RHCP Side Feed

VAS 1.3 GHz Cloverleaf Antenna RHCP Side Feed

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This amazing creation is built by Alex Greve (IBCrazy).  The cloverleaf antenna design has proven to be one of the best antenna designs for FPV flying.  This 1.3GHz antenna is right hand circular polarized, and can be used with linearly polarized antennas (with some loss) or a more perfect match is another right hand circularly polarized antenna.  Not to be used with left hand circular polarized antennas.

Includes cloverleaf antenna mounted to pigtail with SMA Male connectors as shown in picture.

Gain: 1.25dbic

Beam: 360 degree doughnut

Polarization: RHCP

Rejection: 9db

Radiation pattern:

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