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Team RaceKraft 5051x3 Race Prop 2L2R Smoke

Team RaceKraft 5051x3 Race Prop 2L2R Smoke

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Very aggressive 5" diameter x 5.1" pitch props will put the power to the air from your high powered setups.  These props include a subtle wingtip (bladetip) device to improve efficiency and reduce wake turbulence.

Want to use what the Pro's are using, well you have found it. Team-Legit is proud to join the fastest growing prop manufacture. Team RaceKraft has been the number one choice for all well know pilots. These Props provide more thrust than majority of props on the market while maintaining Efficiency. More Robust and stronger than Dal props. Tag a Race Gate no problem these props will keep you going and get you to the finish line ahead of the competition. Not to mention the Awesome colors. Mix and match to give your multirotor that unique look all the other pilots will see as you blaze past them.

Each Pack comes with 2 clock wise and 2 counter clock wise to make a complete set.

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