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Team-Legit FPV Pod w/OSD

Team-Legit FPV Pod w/OSD

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  This is Team Legit's portable/flexible/economic FPV solution!  This pod can easily be mounted on and moved between a variety of FPV vehicles such as quadcopters, airplanes and ground vehicles.  Electronics are often the biggest investment of any FPV craft.  This pod allows a single set of FPV gear to provide a whole day of flying or driving across your entire fleet.  A simple hook-and-loop strap will secure the pod well.

Simply connect 6-25v of power (2S-6S), and you're running FPV!  Don't worry about which components require what voltages.

The OSD displays a mission timer and two volt meters for measuring two different pack voltages.  Of the two battery hookups, B1 and B2, B1 must be connected.  B2 is optional.

The pod comes pre-soldered.  The only assembly required is attaching the antenna!

Cut-outs in the case allow easy access to the video transmitter's channel section dip switches and the OSD's single input button.

The camera can pivot a few degrees both up and down inside it's enclosure, so that the pod's view angle can be tailored to the neutral attitudes of different craft.

What's inside the pod?
Immersion 5.8ghz 600mw transmitter
Super Simple OSD
GeorgeZ right-hand circular polarized three-lobe antenna
RunCam SKYPLUS camera, IR blocked

If you desire a left-hand polarized antenna or an IR sensitive camera, make a notation at checkout and we will attempt to swap the components of your pod accordingly.

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