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Team-Legit 5S 8000mAh 25C Battery for Drak

Team-Legit 5S 8000mAh 25C Battery for Drak

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Part Number:TLBAT-5s-8000-25c
These Team-Legit batteries can be used with any medium-to-large size UAV, though they were specifically designed to be used with Ritewing's Drak flying wing, and the Ritewing Drak Secret Sauce power system.  5S 8000mah will create a lightweight, yet powerful setup for that aircraft.  These batteries have a very good energy density of 166 watt-hours per kilogram.  However unlike most high-density UAV batteries, these are not low-discharge and do not need to be cared for as such.  They can be flown aggressively!  12 gauge wire is conveniently flexible, as 10 gauge is unnessisary for longer endurance fixed-wing aircraft such as the drak.  A Drak with the Secret Sauce Power Package can cruise for 40+ minutes with this battery if the aircraft is configured corectly.

Team-Legit's own high performance batteries!  Powered by Bonka.

Voltage: 18.5 (5S)
Capacity: 8000mAh
Discharge Rating: 25C (200 amps) Continuous
Dimensions: 172mm x 59mm x 44mm

Verified weight: 882g

Connector: XT-60
Wire: 12awg

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