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Team-Legit 4S 4200mAh 35C Battery

Team-Legit 4S 4200mAh 35C Battery

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Part Number:TLBAT-4s-4200-35c
This battery is a great pack for small wing, long range set ups such as the Legit Wing Fohdy and Ritewing Mini Drak!  While we recommend 65C batteries for racing, these 35C batteries will offer very good performance for general sport flying, shooting amazing video and cruising around at reduced weight and cost.

Team-Legit's own high performance batteries!  

Voltage: 14.8 (3S)
Capacity: 4200mAh
Discharge Rating: 35C (147amps) Continuous
Dimensions: 137mm x 44mm x 36mm

Connector: XT-60
Wire: 12awg

Battery weight: 430g (including cables)

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