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Team-Legit 4S 2600mAh 75C Battery

Team-Legit 4S 2600mAh 75C Battery

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Part Number:TLBAT-4s-2600-75c
This battery is a great pack for 32, 36 and 40 inch Legit Wings!  2600-3300 is our recommended Legit Wing battery size.  These lighter-weight 2600 batteries allow for a lower flying weight and therefore greater vertical performance, at the cost of runtime.  For a more economical option, we recommend our lower-discharge 3300 35C packs or 2600 45C packs.

Team-Legit's own high performance batteries!  

Voltage: 14.8 (4S)
Capacity: 2600mAh
Discharge Rating: 75C (195 amps) Continuous
Dimensions: 137mm x 43mm x 23mm

Verified weight: TBA

Connector: XT-60
Wire: 12awg

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