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Team-Legit 3S 350mAh 45C Battery

Team-Legit 3S 350mAh 45C Battery

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3S power on the Emax Baby Hawk is not recommended by Emax!  The stock Baby Hawk's Motors and ESCs are only rated for 2S.  Try at your own risk!

These batteries are specifically sized for EMAX's new 2S Brushless micro drone, the Baby Hawk.  We recommend upgrading the copter's ESCs in order to run 3S.

Team-Legit's own high performance batteries!  

Voltage: 11.1 (3S)
Capacity: 350mAh
Discharge Rating: 45C (15 amps) Continuous
Dimensions: 59 x 32 x 15 mm

Verified Weight: 40g

Connector: JST

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