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Team-Legit 2S 2500mah Radio Transmitter Battery, v2 (Taranis)

Team-Legit 2S 2500mah Radio Transmitter Battery, v2 (Taranis)

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Part Number:tlbat-2s-2500-3c-v2
Our Version 2 Taranis battery!  We have added a second balance connector to our 2S transmitter pack.  You may leave one plug connected internally to the Taranis, while using the other plug to balance charge the battery.  This avoids undue cycles of the relatively fragile Taranis internal battery plug.

Upgrade your Taranis to the Team-Legit RX2500 Lipo Pack. Extend the charge intervals on your stock Nmhi batteries. Or stock up for those times at the field when you got packs to fly and your transmitter low battery indicator comes on. 

Direct Taranis Lipo Replacement. Will work with other radios capable of taking 2s 7.4V Lipo. (note fully charge will out put 8.4V, May Require swapping plugs for other radios) 

Version 2 batteries include one JST and two standard 2S balance connectors.

Weight: 98 grams with Wires and connector 
Dimensions: 96 x 30 x 17 mm

While internal charging is safe under normal conditions and with proper technique, charge at your own risk!  Team-Legit is not responsible for equipment damaged by battery charging and use.

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