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Team Blacksheep 2212 1000kv Motor Pair (R+L)

Team Blacksheep 2212 1000kv Motor Pair (R+L)

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Part Number:TBS-2212-1000-RL
Team Blacksheep's own motors for their Discovery quadcopters.  A update to their 2216 900kv motors.

Integrated prop adapters.  Includes two motors; one with CW threads and one with CCW threads.


Proudly announcing the first motor designed and calculated by Team BlackSheep. The 1000kV motors are a performance upgrade to our 900kV motors for DISCOVERY and similar-sized multi-rotors (1.5 - 2.2kg quads, 2.5 - 3.5kg hexacopter, 3.5 - 5kg Octocopter). Paired with the 30A BulletProof 4S ESCs and the TBS Self Tightening 9x5" props they offer an affordable high performance, high efficiency package.

Compared to the 900kV motors, the 1000kV are:

  • More efficient
  • Lighter
  • More powerful
  • Less robust

In the air this translates into better performance, longer flight time and faster flight. On impact, this translates to potentially higher repair costs. We're TBS so we're upfront about this. These motors are a no-compromise tuning part, and they will turn your quad into a flying device on rails.


  • 2x 1000kV motor
  • 2x Protective cone and mounting screws

Screws for mounting the motors are included in the DISCOVERY frame, as well as most other frames. The threads to secure the motors are M3

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