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TBS Micro Battery Charger

TBS Micro Battery Charger

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It's the last Tiny Whoop charger you'll ever need! With up to 6 x 1-cell micro battery charging capability and a maximum of 1A per port, charging your HV batteries has never been easier! Compatible with PowerWhoop and all common micro battery connectors!

Can be powered from a 3-6S LiPo battery (XT60), a micro USB input or a DC power adapter (sold separately). Customizable low-voltage cut-off and charging speed completes this awesome package and makes the charger not only a necessity for micro racing pilots!


  • 1x TBS Micro Battery Charger
  • 3x PW to MOLEX adapter cable
  • 3x PW to JST adapter cable

*This charger is for HV(High Voltage) batteries ONLY.

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