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Speedix s250 Miniquad Frame w/ESCs

Speedix s250 Miniquad Frame w/ESCs

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The frame comes with newly designed, reinforced landing gears. This kit comes with four Spedix Round 12A SimonK Program LED ESCs, two green and two red. More information on these ESCs under Additional Information.

Spedix was known manufacturing high quality Mikado Logo helicopter upgrade parts. Now their quality multirotor frames are also available at affordable price!

This 250 size frame is made of carbon fiber like central boards and engineering resin arms. The box shaped arm is reinforced with carbon fiber like plate in the middle and aluminum columns in the root. Under the motor mount there is a chamber that a round Veltoech 12A ESC specially designed for this frame or a Spedix LED light module. On the front of the aircraft there are two mounts to install cameras: one face plate for most FPV cameras in the market, and another one on the top with silicone rubber dampers for action cameras. The main frame also provides enough space for control board and FPV equipments. The distance between two central boards is 3.5 cm, around 1 3/8 inches. These designs provide a strong yet light frame to accommodate electronics in a compact space.

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