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SMC True Spec Extreme 1400mAh 14.8V 45A (32C)

SMC True Spec Extreme 1400mAh 14.8V 45A (32C)

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Part Number:1445-4S1P
This pack is a 1400mAh 14.8V pack that comes with a XT60 connector installed.  This pack has the lowest IR whic makes it ideal for the 250 size racing drone market.  It will also work great in sport flying as the pack is built with premium cells so when properly treated the cylce life will be very good.

Pack Specs

Milliamp Hour: 1400
Voltage: 14.8
Amps: 45
Configuration: 4S1P


Length: 75.5mm
Width: 32.1mm
Height: 33.8mm
Weight: 163g

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