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Ritewing Mini Drak Kit

Ritewing Mini Drak Kit

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Drak Accessories
Secret Sauce Power Package [+$125.00]
Protective Nose Cone for Cameras [+$35.00]
Heavy-Duty Servos [+$55.00]
Mini HD Carbon Control Rod Set [+$25.00]
Mini Drak Propeller Pack (2x 7x4e, 1x 7x5e) [+$8.00]
Build Services
No Building
Basic Build [+$175.00]
Advanced Build [+$300.00]
No Paint
Basic Painting [+$40.00]
Complete Painting [+$90.00]
Hydrodip [+$150.00]
No Laminate
3 mil laminate to cover whole aircraft [+$25.00]
Full Aircraft Lamination Service [+$80.00]

The Mini Drak, created by Chris Klick of Ritewing RC.

A smaller version of Team-Legits favorite all-around long-range and utility aircraft.  Also extremely sexy!  The Drak (and Mini Drak!) has high speed capability as well as a nice endurance envelope.

Wingspan: 40"

May come with black or red coroplast. Coroplast is easily painted with common spray-paint.

Build Services

Basic build services includes gluing and setting of all tubes, spars and stringers, as well as .  Shaping, painting, laminating and mounting of the balsa elevons.  We will install any of the following that you happen to purchase: servos, HD control rod set, Secret Sauce power package.

Advanced build services includes the Basic build steps, plus installation of any/all electronics ordered, such as FPV equipment, radio gear and auto pilot systems.  

Finishing Services

Basic Paint services include stripes or simple patterns which partially cover the aircraft, such as the popular highlighting of the wings' leading and trailing edges.

Advanced Paint services include painting of the entire aircraft, in whatever scheme you desire!  You can tell us your dream scheme, or we can come up with something awesome ourselves.  Guaranteed to make your Mini Drak stand out, as if this plane wasn't attention-grabbing enough already!

Hydrodip (in lieu of painting) includes a professionally-applied graphical coat applied to your aircraft.  This process will add 1-2 weeks of lead time to your build, as the airframe is sent out to a company specializing in applied graphics.  Hundreds of patterns are available.  We highly recommend adding laminate to hydrodipped aircraft to protect the graphics.

Laminating service includes full lamination of the entire aircraft, adding a smooth protective plastic layer.  This will save your foam and paint from kicks and rashes.  

For any custom work such as building, painting, dipping or electronics installation, we recommend contacting our shop by either phone or email to discuss your project.  Our friendly and experienced builders will be happy to walk you through the process of creating the aircraft of your dreams.  We can be reached by phone Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm PST, at (626) 386-5432.  We can be reached by email at support@team-legit.com.

Unboxing Video:

Full build video!

Click here to download the Mini Drak elevon template.

Be sure to verify the template size against the wings' trailing edges before cutting balsa!

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