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Rebel 4S 1580mAh High-Performance LiPo Batteries for Miniquads

Rebel 4S 1580mAh High-Performance LiPo Batteries for Miniquads

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Are increasingly outrageous claims of companies about bigger and more unrealistic “C ratings” getting you down? 

Listen, Rebel isn’t going to sugar coat it for you.  “C ratings” are WHACK! So we have come up with something just as reliable if not more so! 

Rebel's 5 lla-mAh Discharge Rating!

That's right. The souls of 5 unicorn lla-mAhs coursing through every fiber of your power train! 

In today's FPV drone culture this new rating is just as reliable IF NOT MORE SO than the “c rating” of seasons past!

 You can trust us, and you should.

 Why you ask?

 The answer is simple, we are pilots first and foremost, and we want to use the best of all the things! Why waste your time with anything else?

 Rebel batteries are produced using ONLY the pinnacle of cutting edge LIPO tech. We also pride ourselves in keeping things fun and and fresh - starting with our batteries!

 Simply put, Rebel stands by its products. We are about the good stuff. Always have been, always will be. If you're buying Rebel your buying carefully crafted and spec’d products that have been made to suit a Rebel pilots wants and needs.

Join the Rebellion.

 Be a Rebel. Buy a Rebel. Fly a Rebel.

Rebel 4s 1580mah

Dimensions: 31 x 35 x 86 mm
Weight: 145g

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