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Nucleus PDB by WadzofQuadz / Team-Legit for ZMR250

Nucleus PDB by WadzofQuadz / Team-Legit for ZMR250

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Part Number:PDB-Nucleus

Temporarily out of stock.  ETA May 1, 2018.  For an immediate alternative, our Overcraft PDB for ZMR250 is a good replacement.

These PDBs are the last production run of the Nucleus board, and do not come with LEDs or the Inductor soldered onto the board.  The kit includes these parts, but the end user must solder them on themelves.


NUCLEUS fully integrated ZMR250 PDB

This first of its kind All-in-one design will give you the cleanest, most wireless zmr250 build yet!


PDB, LC Cap, Buzzer, Single Row Header pins for Motor leads, Dupont Ribbon Cable for jumping Motors to FC, LED set with resistors.

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