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Lens Protector for GoPro Hero3, 3+ and 4

Lens Protector for GoPro Hero3, 3+ and 4

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Here at Team-legit, our GoPro’s are known to lead rough lives. We often attach GoPros directly to aircraft, outside of their bulky and heavy plastic protective enclosure. After a series of camera-related tragedies, we learned our lesson… That lesson being that while the camera body is fairly durable, the protruding glass fisheye lens is a very scratch-able weak point.

Enter the simple, lightweight lens protector (aka gopro jimmy hat). This device fits snugly onto the lens surrounds of the three recent GoPro generations (3, 3+ and 4). It is an inexpensive line of defense between the hard, sharp and abrasive World and your expensive camera. To boot, this protector does not alter the camera’s shape in most dimensions and is very clear… your footage should never know the difference.

We’ve dinged up a number of these protectors in the field, but countless GoPro lives have been spared in the process! Highly recommended for those flying their Legit Wings as they were designed to be flown.

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