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Legit Wing Racing Power Package

Legit Wing Racing Power Package

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Want to go fast?  This is our racing set up, as used by many Team-Legit pilots at the 2016 Drone Nationals NYC wing racing competition.  It will push a Legit Wing 32" V2R beyond 100 mph.  

Includes a high-quality, high kv motor, two propellers, ESC, two high-quality servos and miscellaneous connectors.  It is intended to be flown with with 4-cell, 14.8 volt batteries.  4S 3300mah is a good size for the V2R, yielding 3-4 minutes of wide-open-throttle flying.

Comes with

1 X 1860 KV motor

1 X 60 amp ESC

2 x Props (7x4/7x5)

2 x 14g Servos

1 x XT60 connector and bullet connectors

***exact contents of Racing Power Package may change as we continue to find more performance!***

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