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Legit Wing FG36 KIT 100% Hand Made in the USA

Legit Wing FG36 KIT 100% Hand Made in the USA

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The FG36 Sport is a brand new aircraft to the The Legit wing line up. We took the great flying characteristics of the the legit wing and added a 4 inch blunt section for those longer range proximity flights. 
This results in  an 36 inch (914mm) wingspan.

The FG36 allows you to run larger batteries and tuck away all you additional fpv gear in a larger section of the wing. We applied all the great advice we received from Ritewing When building this aircraft. This is our new goto aircraft when flying in those tight proximity locations. Made 100% by hand using high quality EPP Foam, the FG36 is super tough and when built correctly will become super rigid. It will out perform any wing in its class with ZERO WIGGLE WAGGLE. We are currently working on a high power set for those looking to win big in the wing races. Check back soon for more pictures and videos of the FG36 in action. 

Build Services...

Don't have the time or inclination to build a wing yourself? Let the master constructors at Team-Legit build a custom wing just for you!

Our "PNP" service level includes building out the wing core, creating a custom paint job, laminating and installing any electronics that you purchase from us at the time of your build. This is 95% of the build process, and basically all the hard(ish) stuff! Upon receiving your wing, you will install whatever remaining electronics you're supplying yourself, set up your radio's model profile and do the maiden flight!

Our "RTF" service level includes the PNP service, and adds us installing any electronics you provide, such as receiver and FPV gear that you already have. We will bind your model to your radio, create the model profile and then actually take your wing out for it's maiden flight. When you receive your wing, it will be perfectly trimmed and flight-tested.

When selecting Team-Legit build services, feel free to write brief descriptions of special requests or paint scheme preferences in the order notes. When creating something as special and unique as a custom Legit-Wing however, the spoken word is often best! Call us at the shop: 626 386 5432 10am-6pm PST Tues-Sat for a wing building consultation! Labor-intensive special requests such as lighting setups and elaborate paint schemes may be an additional cost.

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