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La Forge 5.8ghz 25/200/400mw Switchable Video Transmitter W/ LED Strip

La Forge 5.8ghz 25/200/400mw Switchable Video Transmitter W/ LED Strip

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Don't miss out on the latest from the LaForge Lineup. The hottest Item in FPV the ( La Forge FatShark Module w/ Diversity Combo ) Now has a counterpart. This little VTX will pair up perfectly with your La Forge Moudel. You can Change channels instantly using your Goggles Module or with the LaForge Handheld IR Remote for vTX (Pre-Order) 

Video Transmitter Features:

  • Size length 27.1mm, width 20.5mm, height 6mm
  • Bind Switch Switch between bind and transmit modes.
  • Status LEDs Indicates power and bind/transmit status.
  • Large Cap Large capacitors for clean power.
  • IR Detector Quickly binds to the Main Module or Remote.
  • 5v power 4.4v-5.0v input voltage.
  • GND Audio Reduce bandwidth by grounding audio through the settings.
  • Weight 10 grams (6g without SMA)
  • 25/200/400mw Transmitter Designed around a custom vTX module only found on LaForge FPV Products.
  • Power Draw: 255mah @ 25mw 5905
                         385mah @ 200mw 5905 
                         660mah @ 400mw 5905
    • Values may very depending on frequency and temperature.
  • 40 Channel *40 channel range tested.
  • Accessory Port Attach an LED-Strip or OLED display for an even more personalized experience.

LED Features:

  • Size length 37.5mm, width 8.5mm, height 3mm
  • Colors:
  • Solid Colors: Red, Lime, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Orange, White
  • Special Colors: Auto - Color assigned by frequency Scan, Thruster, Police, Fire, Warning, Rainbow, Off
  • Weight 2 grams (3g with wires)
  • Power Draw (20mah per color) * (3 RGB) * (6 Leds) Typical about 200mah per strip.

Channel Mappings

58655845582558055785576557455725Band A
57335752577157905809582858475866Band B
57055685566556455885590559255945Band E
57405760578058005820584058605880Band F / Airwave
56585695573257695806584358805917Band C / Raceband

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