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Immersion Rc iTelemetry Dongle

Immersion Rc iTelemetry Dongle

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The ImmersionRC iTelemetry dongle connects between your A/V receiver’s output, via a standard 3.5mm 4-pole jack, and your smart-phone or tablet’s headphone/mic input.

A unique real-time telemetry decoder application, freely downloadable from either the ImmersionRC website, or the apple AppStore, provides the following features

Moving map display, plane position shown as a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ during flight
Recovery of lost models, showing the model’s last known position, along with the position of the smart-phone/tablet.
Real-time updates of:
    – positional status (distance, altitude, direction, etc.)
    – uplink status (RSSI, Link Quality)
    – Battery status (current, voltage, mAh consumed)
Headphone output to allow smart device audio alerts to be heard by the pilot
Adjustable ‘thumbwheel’ gain control, to adapt the audio levels to different devices.

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