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Fat Shark 1.3GHz 250mW A/V Transmitter

Fat Shark 1.3GHz 250mW A/V Transmitter

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Part Number:FSV2466
This is Fat Shark's new 250mw 1.3GHz transmitter. Similar to ImmersionRC's popular line of 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz transmitters in form and function, these 1.3GHz video transmitters will accept a wide range of input voltages (6-25v), and output a clean 5 volt power supply to power a camera. The most novel aspect of these transmitters is that they output a wide range of frequencies–8 different channels–a rarity in 1.3GHz video transmitters. Check your 1.3GHz receiver's reception channels for full compatibility.

Model Number: FSV2466
Model Name: 1G3 250mW TX (8 channels)


Supply Power: 6-25v
5v Camera Supply: Up to 450mA
Video input level: 1Vp-p type
Audio input level: 1Vp-p type
Video Format: NTSC/PAL

Ch5 1258 MHz
Ch6 1280 MHz

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