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Eagle Tree Vector/MicroVector GPS/Magnetometer V2

Eagle Tree Vector/MicroVector GPS/Magnetometer V2

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Part Number:ET-VEC-GPS-V2

The GPS/Magnetometer V2 (for Vector and MicroVector) simultaneously receives and monitors both GPS and GLONASS satellites, which can provide the following benefits over GPS-only receivers:

  • Improved position accuracy for more precise hovering and tracking
  • Faster fix time
  • Up to 24 satellites in view

What's Included

  • GPS/Mag V2 Sensor
  • Cable (approx 16"/40 cm)


The GPS/Mag V2 is identified by a label (shown below) on the BOTTOM of the GPS module.    



The GPS/Mag V2 is compatible with all Vector and MicroVector systems, after firmware update.   Vector software version 11.78 or higher is required for correct GPS V2 operation.

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