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Eachine 10A BLheli Micro ESC

Eachine 10A BLheli Micro ESC

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These small ESC's are specifically for lower-draw micro quads with very high KV motors, such as 3000kv and above. The throttle signal line is a twisted pair cable, reducing crosstalk for more stable response. They support high frequency signal input, up to 500Hz throttle signal, and are compatible with all flight controls. They feature ultra-high frequency Oneshot125 and high PWM frequency control inputs up to 3000Hz.

Brand: Eachine
Item name: XM Series 10A ESC
Signal frequency: 20-500Hz/ Oneshot125 Ultra high speed
Firmware: BLHeli
Continuous current: 10A
Instant current: 13A
Battery: 1-3S
BEC: no
Weight: 7.2G
Dimension: Dimension
Usage: for 3000-4000KV motors

Manual for XM series ESC

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